Up and and Coming!
New Small Ship Cruises in New England, the Caribbean, and Beyond

Atlantic AmericaWe have operated Small Ship Cruises for 29 years and we will bring our expertise to Atlantic America in the form of new ships and a new form of cruising. Our seven night cruises will offer travelers the opportunity to visit some of the most interesting and iconic cultural, historical, and natural history sites in these fascinating regions.

Newport, RIThe cruises are very much suited to travelers who would like an authentic and active experience with sophisticated and knowledgeable guiding, excellent cuisine, and the simplicity that can only be found in small ship cruising.

With a small group size of only about 50 travelers in comfortable cabins, our vessel will explore some of the most spectacular sites in New England such as Newport and Boston. But we will also explore many less visited but superb destinations such as the rocky coastline of Maine, quiet coastal seaports laden with historical and cultural interest such as Salem, Massachusetts and Vineyard Haven, and we will especially focus on areas of special nature interest such as the whale grounds of Cape Cod Bay and the natural wonders of the Elizabeth Islands.

In addition to many daily shore excursions, the daily activities include opportunities for swimming, kayaking, and nature observation. With skilled naturalist guides our cruises will also focus on the natural beauty of the region including whale watching, swimming on sandy beaches, and bird watching.

We are devoted to providing the kind of experience that sophisticated travelers desire: an active, authentic, and interest filled experience in some of the both beautiful places in Atlantic America. Our cruises have all the essential elements of an excellent program:

1) Comfortable accommodations
2) Small groups
3) Skilled guides
4) Thoughtful itinerary
5) Exploration of some of the most fascinating cities, islands, and natural history wonders of Atlantic America.

As we enter our second decade of small ship operations, we will continue offer our travelers an intimate and authentic experience in some of the most interesting and out of the way places on earth.


We have twice been recognized by National Geographic Adventure as being "One of the Best Tour Operators on Earth" Thanks Nat Geo!



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